We are a company dedicated to the Marketing, design, and drafting service, supporting the US markets, being our micro-entrepreneurs the target market, and with this consolidating a solid economy in each of our clients, achieving self-sustainability shortly time.


To be an innovative company that looks to the future, being leaders and reliable with our products and services for our clients, a pioneer in the market at the national and international level, and with sustainable economic development for our communities.


-We are Christians: We firmly believe that God is the center of our universe, in his faith, and in the works that we can do through him.

-We are Honest: We offer a 100% transparent, real, and reliable alternative, through quality the client can improve their quality of life.

-We are upright. We fulfill what we promise to our clients, respecting their rights, and attending with quality and opportunity to all situations that require us to act according to our organizational principles.

-We are Helpful: We act with a permanent disposition to our clients, which allows us to offer services with the quality and warmth that characterizes us, respecting their needs as if we had ours and ensuring that they are known.

-We are Innovators: We live our transformation process as a constant opportunity to generate strategies that allow us to exceed the expectations of our clients, easily adapting to the changes that this requires.

-We are Committed, with the organization to always achieve the best results and thus generate value permanently, seeking to exceed the processes of excellence.

-We are Persevering: We are firm, constant in our actions

-We are Responsible, with the world and especially with our clients.

-We are Professionals: Having an effective management response, facilitating an excellent service, economic awareness, and with the conviction of providing the best of ourselves.

-Customer Orientation: Know the needs of our users to satisfy them and have the ability to develop products and services according to their needs.


Brilliants Creations LLC was born as a result of the dialogue of its owner (Wendy Gómez) with the idea of starting a different business and that this beneficiary to the people of her native country (Honduras) and the small businesses in the United States affected by the COVID- 19.

Through brainstorming, the phrase emerged: “It must be something creative” “It must be something brilliant”. So she decided to join both sentences, leaving the name of the current company as Brilliants Creations.

Considering the current situation due to the pandemic, it will be necessary to start working and focus on small entrepreneurs so, amid the crisis; they can rise and be recognized in the US market.

Seeing, the need of people. The main products that began to be launched were the design of business cards and websites. Thus support the micro entrepreneur in the United States of the state of Maryland to grow and contribute something different in their area. With all this in mind, it was as Brilliants Creations began to diversify in the design, advertising, and drafting of their products, offering the client from their business cards to the drafting of contracts, websites, and social networks.

This is how Brilliants Creations not only begins as an entrepreneur among its market but also Brilliants creations through its owner (Wendy Gómez) help to raise the small entrepreneur in the United States and at the same time employing people from his native country. Brilliants Creations is established as a legal company in the United States on June 9, 2020, and since then it continues to provide each of its partners with brilliant creations for each situation and time they face.